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Anna Chepikova was born in Leningrad (St. Petersburg), Russia. She started playing piano at the age of 3 and had her first appearance on a professional stage at the age of 5. She won her first Grand Prize at the P.I Tchaikovsky's " Album for the Young" Competition in St. Petersburg at the age of 9 while performing with worldwide famous Concert Pianist Gregory Sokolov who handed her the Grand Award in front of hundreds of people. At the same age she has already performed at major Philharmonic Halls such as Glinka Philharmonic Hall and Shostakovich Concert Hall. By the age of 9 Anna has recorded her first album, has appeared on various TV shows and has had a number of radio recording sessions. She is a winner of numerous Piano Competitions, such as Bach's Competition, Chopin's Competition, "Young Talents of Russia", "Best Pianists of St. Petersburg" and others.



Anna has her Master's Degree in Piano Performance with Honors from St. Petersburg State Music Conservatory. She holds State and International Certifications of Artist of Solo Piano, Artist of Chamber Ensemble, Accompanist and Piano Instructor. Anna studied with leading world wide-known Concert Pianists such as Professor Elena Shishko, Tatyana Zagorovskaya, Leonid Zaichik and Elena Shafran. She has appeared as a solo pianist with number of Symphonic Orchestars with world reknown Conductors. She also was a house pianist and vocalist at the prestigious 5 Start Hotel in St. Petersburg "Nevsky Palace" for 5 years.


After 20 years of schooling Anna Chepikova has had several concert tours throughout Europe as a Solo Pianist as well as an Accompanist. She has performed in Russia, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, United States. She appeared on a number of popular Italian TV Shows in Sicily with her violinist during their concert tours in Giarre, Sicily in 1995.

Since moving to the United States in 1996 she began performing her Piano and Vocal shows at major venues such as Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Landmark Center, Minnesota Opera, Ted Mann Concert Hall, Thursday Musicals at Schubert Club, well as at well-known hotels and resorts such as Northland Inn, Radisson, Ramada, Nordstroms, Daytons and JCPenney Department stores, Embassy Suites, Hilton and many others. Anna has given number of Solo Piano and Vocal concerts in front of thousands of people.

After successfull teaching and performing career in Minneapolis, MN Anna relocated to Scottsdale, AZ and began actively performing her Piano and Vocal shows at local hotels and resorts, for private and business parties, corporate events, open houses and art shows. Her shows have been called "Electrifying"and "The Pianist with the Most Diverse repertoire- from Classical to Jazz and Popular".

Since moving to the United State



Anna has been entertaining audiences with her diverse Piano and Vocal repertoire for over 20 years. She has the ability to captivate her audience no matter what she is playing and singing. From Classical Masterpieces to

favorites of Frank Sinatra... Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven, Debussy....., Jazz Improvisations, Popular songs by famous artists, her own arrangements and improvisations on any tune in virtually any style!....

Anna's musical repertoire, and variety of styles and genres is so diverse that

her selections of music can match any theme, any party or occasion!


Listen to Vocal & Piano Samples

No piano? Not a problem! Anna will set up her portable Roland Stage piano & her own State-of-the-Art professional sound system for any kind of event, party or occasion!

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PIANO INSTRUCTION                 

Anna Chepikova has over 20 years of teaching experience. Prior to her move to Arizona, she taught lessons at Schmitt's Music Company in Minneapolis, MN. Anna teaches students of all levels and ages but most of her students are at the intermediate and advanced level. Anna teaches all musical styles: from Classical Masterpieces by Bach, Mozart, Debussy, Chopin, etc..... to Jazz Standards, Popular, Christian, Improvisation, Music Theory, playing by ear, techniques, etc.
Anna is currently teaching at her Private Piano studio in North Scottsdale. Anna says that her greatest reward as a Piano teacher is to have her students tell her that she can inspire and motivate them. Her students often tell her that every lesson they learn something new; that they feel so encouraged after their lessons with Anna that they want to go home and practice immediately!


- "She not only can play anything, she can teach you anything"

- "Ms. Chepikova is all about METHODS.....she will always find the way to convey to you what  she can do herself...from Classical to Jazz Improvisation....she'll play it and teach you how to play it"

- "Anna always knows HOW TO.... Ways to achieve the best results in piano playing"

- "Her own piano playing and the way she can teach you inspire me so much, that I literally run home to do what she told me to"

- "Amazing technique methods"

- "I wanted to learn how to improvise on the piano.....Anna taught me like no one else I've taken  piano lessons from before"

- "Anna taught me the most famous Classical Masterpieces I've always wanted to learn"

- "Anna knows the Tricks!"


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