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                                                       "Awesome Pianist and Amazing Singer" 

                "Unbelievable Improvisational Skills"...    Piano in All Styles... And Outstanding Vocalist!!"   

"Your Concert last night was pure ecstasy in every sense of the word. You looked stunning.. It was incredible...YOU are incredible. Your sweet and charming personality was so evident, and we enjoyed you soooo much. Thank you for sharing the gift of you and your music with us.....The gifts you bring to those of us in your presence are beyond equal. Not only is your musical talent beyond description....absolutely incredible....but your kindness, warmth, and genuine love of people....with us as honored recipients...make you such a beautiful, welcoming special person. We
just love everything about you...not the least, your sharp, cute sense of humor.  I am still awed by what those little fingers can do.... "

(Rhoda Thomas, Tempe, AZ)


"I just loved Anna Chepikova's Christmas CD "Christmas with Anna".... The peaceful, soul-stirring, jazz spiced, tear envoking, lush and grand sound.....This CD is a must-own for those of us who love and adore Anna's inspirational musical gifts..."

(RACHAEL BURESH, Vocalist, Music Director, Choir Conductor, Actress, Recording Artist, Minneapolis, MN)

"I absolutely love Anna Chepikova's new Christmas CD. I have all of her CDs and now can enjoy her beautiful, unique, exceptional style on many of my most favorite Christmas Classics. I especially loved her jazzy rendition of "Auld Lang Syne" - so cool! Anna is my all-time favorite pianist who's music enriches my soul. Her classically trained influence on all songs, from Jazz to Pop, from Gospel to Christmas, and everything in between makes listening to her music a joyful, soulful experience. Thank you, Anna!..."

(SUSAN BROWN, Scottsdale, AZ)

"Anna's Christmas CD is her best CD yet!  It has beautifully played and arranged traditional Christmas songs that we all know and love.  Also, this CD includes some great classical pieces.  The sound is varied as Anna uses bells, orchestration and piano to create her unforgettable music."

(DE DE RUDOLPHY, Fountain Hills, AZ)



"Acclaimed Pianist... Classical, Jazz, Popular... An Outstanding performer with beautiful voice"

("FOUNTAIN HILLS TIMES", Fountain Hills, AZ)

"Finally...I'm hearing the Pianist with Style"
(PROFESSOR ELENA SHISHKO, Dean of Piano Faculty, St-Petersburg State Music Conservatory, Russia)

"Wow, this is the Pianist who can play virtually anything... I've never heard a piano player who could play from famous Classical Masterpieces to Popular, Jazz & Christian... She just switches from one style to an other with such an ease & professionalism! Her ability to improvise & play by ear is phenomenal..."
(MSTISLAV ROSTROPOVICH, Symphony Orchestra Conductor, "Nevsky Palace Hotel", St-Petersburg, Russia)


"When I first heard Anna Chepikova, I couldn't believe it... Concert Pianist plays in every style possible... & plays incredibly beautifully, diverse repertoire... she plays with most deep feeling, emotion & passion..."
(MR. ASCHKE, General Manager of "Nevsky Palace" Hotel, St-Petersburg, Russia)

"Anna's piano style is incredibly diverse: it's elegant & classy, jazzy & fun, lyrical & romantic... She just does it all, I can't believe it.... When I first heard & saw her perform, I was captivated & mesmerized during her entire performance... She sure knows how to make you listen... "
(DON PATRIE, "Sophia's" Restaurant, Minneapolis, MN)


"Anna's talented fingers weave a beautiful tapestry that feeds the soul & transports the mind"
(BARBARA HARLAN, Abiding Savior Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, MN)


"What a performance!.....It was unreal... Anna improvised on famous Christian, Jazz, Popular tunes like nobody I've ever heard before... She can improvise on the piano as she goes along, arranging songs that are loved by thousands... Electrifying!!!"
("VINEBRANCH" Newsletter, Everett Kuntz, Minneapolis,

"Vibrant, passionate, delicate, romantic...This is a Concert Pianist with class... "
(Anonymous, SCHUBERT CLUB, Landmark Center, Minneapolis, MN)

"Anna's Classical training combined with her ability to improvise & play by ear makes her piano sound like a human voice, nature, like harp or the whole Orchestra"
(MARY RAY, Tedd Man Concert Hall, Minneapolis, MN)

"Here she is, the best Accompanist I've heard... Her outstanding accompaniment is something I won't ever forget... Performing difficult accompaniment for Violin's Concertos, Brahms, Sent-Sans, Berlioz... & then, after that she "tops it off" with an electrifying solo: "The Flight of the Bumble Bee" for the encore?!...
She did take them by storm..."
(ROSARIO ESTRADA, Producer, Concert T
our Sicily, Italy)



"Anna Chepikova plays piano with a passion that rivals the best.....Flawless technique.......yes...., but it's the way her spirit colors the interpretation that literally left me breathless and wanting to hear her play more and more"......
(BRUCE J. LIVOLSI, Producer/Sound Engineer/Musician, AZ Digital Sound, Phoenix, Arizona)

"Anna Chepikova is an amazing pianist.... Her classical training combined with her natural ability to improvise and play by ear makes her piano sound just outstanding!..... Her piano playing is filled with a deep feeling, classy style, incredible energy and velocity..... Wow!"

(JANE TURBENSON, Gilbert, Arizona)

"I don't know what she is better at: piano playing or singing.... She does both so beautifully! She sings and accompanies herself on the piano the way I have never heard anyone do before. Her vocal talent is amazing.... rich and gorgeous tone"

(DENNIS ZINS, Guitarist /Guitar Instructor, Scottsdale, Arizona)

"Ms. Chepikova can play piano in virtually all styles and performs for numerous ocassions, venues and celebrations. Her CD called "My Life Flows on in Endless Song" is incredible... she plays her own improvisations on beloved Christian songs in a wide variety of musical styles- jazzy, lyrical, upbeat.... classy one!"

("FOUNTAIN HILLS TIMES", April 2005, Fountain Hills, AZ)

"I only don't listen her fingers hits... I live with her and I thank you so much!..."

(SAMMY, Unknown location, USA)

"A multi-talented Russian-born musician... multi-award winner... Outstanding Performer"

("FOUNTAIN HILLS TIMES", Fountain Hills, AZ)

"DAZZLING!!! A Rapture of sweet sounds! Anna's innovative interpretations, coupled with her technical prowess and deep passion produce a musical experience which is unsurpassed... To hear her play will make you want to come back again and again!"

( F. Douglas Peoples, Esq., Scottsdale, AZ)





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